Sunday, 16 October 2011

Drama Week

Last couple of week was the week that all the student at 2KRK class was afraid of, 'Drama Week'. My group was the most laziest group among one another group.The presentation day was one month before and we do all the props last minute.Thank God that some of my buddies lend their hand to finished the props.One problem was solved until one of the main actor disappear. I wanted to scream out loud and other members of the group was dissapointed and angry to him.I have to find someone to replace him,and thankful to God again,one of the propsman agreed to act(althought that I lied to pay him RM20 after he act).At the end of the drama,we all felt happy to finish our drama entitled "Rumplestiltskin".

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Who Am I

     These are hard and true facts, but there is a lot I do not know about myself. I have no stock answer to offer about a life-changing experience or a moment of enlightenment, and it is hard for me to give a comprehensive proclamation of who I am, for my identity unfolds more every day as my experiences grow.
     Since I am becoming teenager,my life changes a lot.I dislike saying "I am trying to find myself" because my identity is not lost, it just needs more uncovering. Luckily for me, what I love to do and want to be helps me uncover more about myself.I want to be a engineer. I may not end up a good engineer but I will always fight to achieve my dream.When I was 13 years old,many people were making fun of me.One of the complaints I regularly get by random folk who come across me is that I am too ugly and too fat.

     Every day my knowledge increase, and I learn more about myself. Each time I think what is in my mind, another piece of the identity puzzle is revealed. I am not worried that I do not know everything about myself. As I get older, I'll figure it out and become matured.

Monday, 5 September 2011

My Favourite Artist

I have many artists that I love. These are the artist that I love the most. That is Jessie J, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull.I love all of them because their song can make me happy. One of them is my idol, that is Justin Bieber because his ability and strength make me even strong to face the challenges.I just love his song especially Pray, the story about people that have a miserable life.

I Hate My Homework

Last week,I received many homework. Homework was the greatest enemy of mine.When the teacher gave homework to me,I complaint to the subject teacher.I know that homework was good for me to improve my subject.During the homework delivering time,I have to stand and fool myself at the front of my freinds.What a CRAZY week!!!

My Happiest Week

This week is the happiest week in this month.This is because this week,all the muslim are celebrating Hari Raya.This week,I will take an excited journey to Mukah.As I know,Mukah is surround with beautiful sea.This week,I will become a MILLIONAIRE because I promise that I will collect RM100 Hari Raya Angpau.